Use a Sling Shot by Mark Bell to increase your bench press.  Use this at your gym during your upper body strength training day.  You can use a sling shot to train chest by lifting heavy single reps or multiple sets of higher reps.  The Slint Shot will support you to move the weight.  This allows you to move more weight and also provides some relief, through assistance, to your shoulders and chest.

You can use a Sling Shot for chest training, bench press, dumbbell bench press, dips and press-ups/push-ups.

There are a variety of resistance levels.  You can find our easy to follow chart here to pick the sling shot that is best for you:

You can find training tips to improve your bench press here:

Wrist wraps to improve your training can be found here:

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Original Sling ShotOriginal Sling Shot
Original Sling Shot
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Full Boar Sling ShotFull Boar Sling Shot
Full Boar Sling Shot
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