Hello! My name is Court and I am the girl boss of Aotearoa Strong.

My love of strength training and lack of access to solid advice regarding equipment, saw me launch Aotearoa Strong in 2014, selling wrist wraps from the boot of my car (such a cliche, I know, but it's true!).  And now I am here, supplying Aotearoa with some of the best equipment so we can all get stronger.

I’ve competed Nationally and Internationally in powerlifting.  I have held numerous New Zealand records, won a National title and at the World Champs placed 3rd.

My best lifts are a 192.5kg squat, 117.5kg bench press and a 190kg deadlift in the 75-82.5kg class.

My sporting background is varied, I tried lots of different sports but struggled to find one that worked for me.  I played tennis for many years (recently picked it back up again),  hockey and gymnastics.  In my twenties I was training regularly at the gym but was in the cardio rut; back to back aerobic classes on very little food saw me frustrated with my results.  After the birth of my daughter I struggled with Post Natal Depression and after hearing the benefits of weight training I decided to step off the treadmill and into the squat rack and never looked back.  I also enjoy running and a good sweat sesh with kettlebells and bodyweight work.

In my non-AS life I am a mama to two littles, I love to fish, am trying to not be the worst spearo in history and I also love art.  You can check out my adventures and my art on the gram, @courtistortoise & @thesweetpeastudio

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