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Amazing Service. High quality Products. Court takes the time to ensure you get what you want/need. 10 out of 10!

Jesse Gemmell

If you need a high quality weight belt, I highly recommend buying through Aotearoa Strong! Probably the best quality, competition weight-belt I've come across in NZ and really reasonably priced!

Sarah-Grace Harris

Court is always so patient with answering product queries. She also trusted me enough to send me different sizes to try on. I cannot say enough nice things about AS and Court. Would recommend 100%!

Yena Wei

I purchased the camo Gangsta wraps & they are definitely a level up. I was also thoroughly impressed with the informational YouTube video Court had made on the wraps she stocks & this actually helped me make up my mind to purchase the Gangsta wraps as well as buy from Aotearoa Strong .
Thanks heaps & fyi, the slingshot is working great as well!!


Great service and really quick delivery. I am always recommending Aotearoa Strong for any supporting gym equipment. Keep up the great work.

Matthew Akers

Unbeatable customer service from Court and really prompt, fast shipping to boot. Will definitely be back for more!


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