Knee sleeves and compression cuffs for strength training and powerlifting.  We sell a great range of well-known brands; Sling Shot, Lifting Large, and Pioneer.

Knee sleeves are a great addition to your training kit.  Use them for all your lower body strength training: squats, deadlift, leg press, lunges etc.  Knee sleeves provide support and resistance to help you increase your lifts, improve your form, and keep your joints healthy.

Elbow sleeves are good for all upper body training.  They assist your lifting and help to keep your elbow joint warm and support.  Great to use for all upperbody training: bench press, rows, dumbbells, machine work, barbell training - overhead press, bench press etc.

Compression cuffs are great for helping to ease injury pain in your elbow.  This can often occur from overtraining and overuse.  The cuffs provide support to the muscles and tendons and ease the discomfort.  Use them on their own, as a pair, and also layer them underneath elbow sleeves for extra support.

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STrong Elbow Sleeves - XL last one!STrong Elbow Sleeves - XL last one!
STrong Elbow Sleeves - XL last one!
Regular price $100.00 $75.00
    Sling Shot Compression CuffSling Shot Compression Cuff
    Sling Shot Compression Cuff
    Regular price $26.00 $18.00
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