Lever Belt 10mm - Pink - IPF APPROVED

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  • Pink suede inside and out (no external logo)
  • Chrome lever with a 1 year warranty
  • Heavy duty stitching that will withstand years of heavy lifting
  • Approximately 10mm thick and 10cm wide
  • Lever buckle makes it easy to get on and off
  • Approved for use in all powerlifting federations in NZ

 The use of a belt during lifting helps to support your lower back.  

One of the biggest mistakes I see in lifting is misuse of belts.  Make sure you're bracing into your belt; it isn't there to just be tight, it's there to cue you to brace your core.  This will protect your back and get you the most out of your lift.  

 Sizing Chart
XS 21-28 inch waist 53-71 cm waist
S 25-32 inch waist 63-81 cm waist
M 29-36 inch waist 73-91 cm waist
L 33-40 inch waist 83-101 cm waist
XL 37-44 inch waist 93-111 cm waist
2XL 41-48 inch waist 104-121 cm waist


How to size?  Your lever belt is adjustable so you get the perfect fit.  Use the sizing chart to work out your correct size.  Check out the video in the product photos for sizing tips.  We will exchange your belt as long as the belt has not been worn and is returned in the original packaging, including the protective plastic under the lever (take this off when you've sussed your perfect size on your belt).  I recommend picking a size where you are in the middle to the end of the range.


Lever Belt 10mm - Pink - IPF APPROVED

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